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January 2017 -- NDI published  Honorable Mention to many who have contributed to academia (including faculty, staff and students).

January 2017 -- Our year-end article featured prominent citizens of Italian heritage and the contributions they have made to their communities.

December 2016 -- This week's Equestrian Spotlight featured enthusiasts from around the world.

December 2016 -- Who's Who in Real Estate showcased realtors and other professionals who helped make home ownership attainable in 2015.



This month's edition on academics features daily articles that recognize faculty, staff and students who are making a difference at today's institutions of higher education.

News Digest International is represented at 2,086 universities via websites listings, blogs, podcasts and newsletters, plus numerous additional postsecondary and technical institutions.

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Articles are updated hourly.  If you missed a particular article, please check back later as our most popular news items are occasionally repeated later in the day..

Topics frequently covered include:

  • University & Campus News

  • Developments in Research

  • Faculty Merit Awards

  • Budgetary Finance & Politics

  • Student Loans & Scholarships


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